Hi everyone!


This is a quick welcome message to the blog and a little about us as a company. I prefer these messages to be personal, spontaneous and real. Therefore; you may see small grammatical errors or the occasional run on thought but I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them.


 Cincy Illumination was started in 2016 as small family business.


With my wife's blessing I started this company in hopes of finding products that would enrich people's lives, moods and holiday seasons in ways that lighting has affected me over the years.


As a teenager I constructed elaborate lighting displays during Christmas time that at the time always placed me in a better mood. At the time I assumed it was the holiday season but I later learned how different lighting could actually affect you. With this knowledge proper lighting has always been something I sought after.


As a company consisting of primarily my wife and myself we are limited in time. However, please never hesitate to reach out with questions, or to share your thoughts and lighting designs. We will always do our best to respond to every post.


I cannot thank you all enough for being our customers!